Jim Piccolo – The Real Guru.

Jim Piccolo is not only an entrepreneur but someone who can foresee what is coming and which market can be trusted for bigger profits.

In 2011, he started Bizzibiz which was a digital franchise company and intended to help small businesses in America through its various digital marketing channels.

It was an intelligent move as digital marketing was making its mark. It made quite a  grip in a short period of time which was an indication of its growth in upcoming years.

Jim Piccolo sensed it and thought of the franchise model. Jim made it lucid that he not only wants to grow as a company but as network of companies. The structure was designed to empower small businesses and new start-ups with its well-established digital marketing services and planned to expand the services worldwide in early 2011.

Digital Marketing coupled with Franchise?

Mr. Piccolo said, “With the demand and growth rate of digital marketing services and the success rate of franchise businesses, I see BizziBiz as the biggest thing I’ve ever done. It will require my full attention.

As per the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s approximation, businesses that are franchised, have a 97% success rate within 5 years but on the other hand businesses that are not franchised can make it upto 48% success rate within their first 6 years.

Jim Piccolo was very much convinced with this fact and decided to make his move accordingly, well aware of the fruits that digital marketing will reap in coming years.

This reveals the unmatched ability Jim has in choosing the right option and he has the ability to provide the same services as others just by changing the package to deliver incredible results.

He went through the same problems while establishing his own company and understands the need of the right partner in providing the digital marketing solution.

Bizzibiz: “Because every business needs a superhero”

Jim Piccolo gave Bizzibiz the tagline, “Because every business needs a superhero” to match the kind of reputation he wanted the company should have and the expectations he wanted his peers to keep from Bizzibiz.

BizziBiz Franchise, Inc. aims to assist small business owners by offering a cheap and handy one-stop explanation that will help them in enticing, converting and at the same time retaining customers through an assortment of digital marketing channels.

Jim Piccolo has always been optimistic about the penetration of Bizzibiz into the economy of the nation and his belief has already proved its worth in these years.

He has always illustrated the high thinking and positive attitude which has motivated him to venture into new ideas.

Jim Piccolo is a trend setter and this move made certain that he can carve any stone in the sculpture of his desire.

In his interview about Bizzibiz, he stated how he wishes to help small businesses and new comers for a sparkling future without struggling for the right direction and in search of marketing strategy.

This idea has paid him very well and his uncanny wisdom about exploring the new frontiers of market opportunities were neatly executed.

Making profits your pet

Growth is never restricted and can engulf any industry if combined with the right intention. Jim Piccolo has everything that a visionary and an entrepreneur needs which has made him successful as well as ideal for many to follow.

His inspirational speeches have left everyone amazed which has crossed all boundaries.

It’s always less to know about Jim Piccolo. Once we feel it’s over, he comes up with something new and fresh and makes every social media speak about him.

Isn’t it fascinating that one man has created an army which has taken over the entire internet through his great work and innovative decisions? Yes, it is and he consistently speaks about this hidden quality that everyone can hone through proper discipline and focus.


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