Four points to become an entrepreneur – Jim Piccolo

Becoming Entrepreneur

Jim Piccolo has tried his expertise in many fields as an entrepreneur and has succeeded in whatever he did. The journey was not sugar coated, but the destination was. We know where he is but what really captivates me is the question, how he got there?

Jim Piccolo is an inspiration for many individuals who have confirmed that his training and concepts have helped them to build their future as an entrepreneur.

He has also addressed many seminars to create awareness about Financial Literacy and entrepreneurship and how these can help get America back to its feet.

He says, “If you consider lives of most successful entrepreneurs, there will be few patterns which will be similar. These patterns form the base of your characteristic as an entrepreneur. It is not difficult to know what is comparable but it is tougher to follow them.

Jim Piccolo says, “Do what you are good at”

Before you start thinking of your own firm, you need to think of a product line or a domain. You do have many choices but you need to concentrate on what you love to do and what you are good at. Passion can help you face any struggle with enthusiasm. Persistence is the key which certainly can move anything over time, whether it’s a job, a person or the whole company.

Jim Piccolo also says, “you should never give up on your passion and if you make your passion your goal, things will move swiftly.”


Jim quotes, “Learn how to express”

It is an old mindset that if you are good at your job, you can do it better. However, what if you cannot communicate clearly? Where does the soft skills stand? I feel, half of the work is done, when you know how to express.

Communication is needed everywhere, either knowledge sharing, boosting your employee’s confidence through motivational speech or trying to convince a client. Jim says,” The founder is the base of every company and he needs to be good at marketing.

Jim Piccolo adds, “Make a plan”

You need to learn a lot and remember there is no syllabus, the knowledge is infinite. You are out of college, and there is no instructor or examiner. You need to be both and grade yourself after every accomplishment.

Jim says,” Learning will help you make better plan, either big or small, should incorporate everything and remember it is never too late to start.”


Jim Piccolo believes in building the perfect team

Do you think you can run your company alone? No, you need the right skill sets and attitudes that can fit with your brand you want to endorse. It will help innovate and simultaneously will increase your reputation.

Jim Piccolo stated once,” You cannot soar with eagle if you associate with turkey,”


Building a team not only requires the right selection but also your attitude towards your team. You need to understand the importance of role they play in your company and appreciate their contribution every time.

Be humble and motivate to be optimistic in every way possible. If happiness stays within, it can do wonders.

Being Entrepreneurs – Ask for more, expect less


Are you smart enough to know what goes inside other human’s head. How can you be? But you need to admit the fact that marketing philosophies have always overtaken the market value.

I was sitting in the coffee shop which offered best tea and coffee. I was a regular customer, so mostly knew all the staffs. That day, there was a new item in the menu – sandwiches.

Every time a customer came, the waiters used to ask for one sandwich or two? I was surprised and went to the manager who was my friend and asked the reason for that training. He smiled and said, “What did you have today?” I said, my regular one, black coffee and a sandwich and I started laughing. I had sandwich which was different from my regular order.

This is how our mind reacts to the unprepared question. Asking in a positive way, gives you more chances to win the conversation.

Turn the tables on your competitors

Jim Piccolo, one of the famous entrepreneurs believes that every client and projects have their own exclusive needs.  You should create a trust worthy environment before asking for the price. This will give you an edge over your well-established rivals. You should not concentrate your attention on the profit but try to capture your client’s economic status and what budget he is ready to invest.

Jim Piccolo says,” Never give your client an option of no. Stop asking open ended questions and give them choices.”

It has worked for many businessmen and seems to have a great effect on overall revenue. You need to get into your customer shoes before planning to ask them for more.

The right time

Can you guess what time will be suitable to tell them you need more? More could be anything, their time, money, attention or extra hours for project completion.

Most of you may understand that time has the greatest worth and asking someone for time may offend them. But if you are ready to answer their questions, 80 percent time you get through it.

Jim quoted once, “Whatever you ask for, know what the outcome will be and prepare accordingly.”

No one likes to be bothered repeatedly for the same issue. You need to make sure you answer all the queries before the meeting is over. This will help you maintain a balance between what you did and what you couldn’t.

Fill the loop holes

I have been reading about Jim Piccolo a lot more often than I used to do before. It is not only because he talks about his accomplishments and new endeavors but because he shares his bad experiences, when he couldn’t make it and how he tackled it.

Suggestions are never overlooked, if carries some worth. Whenever you come across any plan, research about it and give him better option. He will either take it or deny but will always appreciate your precious time that you invested in already researched project. However, never do it as a protocol. If it can build your reputation, meaningless suggestions can ruin it too.